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Our Story

A husband & wife team and driven business partners. We are Peter & Chasidty!
Peter and I have been inseparable in life for years. We first met in Miami after both graduating from college. I had dedicated myself to a career in Forensic Science, in which I remained for over 12 years. Peter on the other hand went into sales and working with customers directly straight out of college and hasn’t stopped since.  Eventually, through various promotions, we landed in  California where I, myself, took a somewhat different career path into real estate.  It was a combination of our various careers, experiences and feeling of need to do more to help businesses that got us to where we are today.
We’ve learned over the years to recognize each other’s strengths so we can distinguish when it’s best to lead and when it’s best to be led. Our most notable common interest is communication. Peter has a passion for the analytical and business side of things, while my passions are centered around the artistic, creative content, and we both share in the need to connect with people and businesses on a personal level. Together, we encourage each other and push each other toward excellence that benefits both our business and each other. We’re able to produce the best possible results for our clients because we know how well we work together. All in all, we make a pretty good team!
When the Pandemic hit, we were inspired to help and drive meaningful change. That is when we decided to start a company that would invest in the long term future of our customers and their businesses. At BVR360° Tours & Marketing, we have the commitment and passion to you to show the world your story in a way that produces solid results.
Changing the world one story at a time, we are BVR360° Tours & Marketing.